How to Select Right Storage When Buying Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Samsung has offered a major boost to its Galaxy Note 9 for its users. Three of the biggest things this line of Galaxy has received as improvements over the last generation are – memory, battery, and storage. Of course, the price went up. Most people who were initially excited to buy 512GB storage Galaxy Note 9 immediately simmer down their lust after seeing the price tag of $1249.

Still, some people have been waiting for the upgraded model. When you purchase your Note 9, deciding on your storage could be a major concern; we have a few things for you to keep in mind that can help you select the best storage for your use.

When to Purchase 128GB

This is the baseline of Note 9 storage and will is expected to attract a majority of sales because of it. Those people who had a 32 or 64GB phone will opt for 128GB of storage. Although the price jump from the Note 8 up to $999 is a little sharp, otherwise also Samsung charges $50 to switch from 64 GB to 128 GB on the Galaxy S9+. Considering this spending this much increase may not be that worrisome if you plan to step up your storage in any way.

When to get 512GB

Talking about the benefits of the extra storage before talking about the price increase would be of no use. If you plan to get 512GB of storage, you’ll have to pay $250 (or, 25%) more for your Note 9. That’s a prominent price increase as the Note line is already an expensive affair. Although the carrier and retailer financing programs can ease the burden of that extra cost on you, even on a 24-month EMI plan switching from $41 to $52 per month is still a big hop.

If you plan to have the 512GB Note 9 spending this much, opting for 512GB is the best bet.

If you can bear the cost of this storage jump, the higher-end Note 9 with 512GB of storage and 8GB of RAM is the best tool of what the Galaxy Note line is all about doing everything to the greatest extent possible. It is always recommended that if you are storing that much on your phone you should also have a robust backup system for retaining the copy of that data safe elsewhere.

Having 512GB internal storage, you can add 512 additional storage using a microSD card at a cost of about $350 to go full-on crazy mode with now having 1TB of storage on your phone like a full-fledged PC. You can also keep things a little reasonable with a 256GB card which will give you over 750GB of storage in your hand.

In these circumstances, you never have to look for how much storage you have left when downloading or generating content. If you can eat up the cost, it’s worth considering the big jump up to 512GB.

More RAM is a Great Bonus

Samsung offers extra RAM in the model with more storage i.e. from 6G B to 8GB jump.  So receiving more RAM is a fabulous bonus and there is no point to spend $250 extra here. Yes, this extra memory offers you more space when using several apps and programs simultaneously, or when running several intensive apps in the DeX desktop interface and running others on your smartphone. Now with the base Galaxy Note 9 (and Galaxy S9+ as well), Samsung is going to come up with 6GB of RAM for all its software for devices that have that memory size.  It is not going to build things to expect 8GB of RAM, as most people won’t have that much.


Whether you should buy a higher-model Note 9 or not should start and end with a decision on whether you require 512GB of storage at $250 and if it is worth it for you. Although the extra RAM is a great bonus for future-proofing, it shouldn’t be a deciding factor for whether you make the jump to the higher model.