Google Introduces Discover Replacing Search Page on Mobile Devices

On its 20th anniversary, Google plans to introduce a new tool called “Discover” to improve search, starting with its Google Feed. This Discover brings a complete redesign of the search tool with features to allow you to find the exact content matching your interests.

“Discover” to replace “Search”

The new tool is going to replace the basic Google Search box on mobile devices. So, in place of a simple search box showing up when you open, you’ll also be prompted with all the features you would find in Google Feed, which will include news stories and other information that might be of interest to you. This will be available on both iOS and Android.

The major aim of Google introduced Discover is to help you unearth content that is not only timely but also matched your interests. With Discover, you will also find topic heads explaining why you are viewing a specific card in Discover. You will find a Discover icon just next to the topic name, which will also appear in the search. In case you want to search for a specific topic, tapping on the icon will direct you to more detailed content along with the option to tap “Follow”, which will include it in your feed.

Aligns with your Interest 

You can also get evergreen content using Discover relevant to your topic if the article isn’t new. For instance, if you’re planning to visit a specific country or taking some time off in some country, Discover might display an article with the best rental, worth-seeing places or restaurants in that area or suggested places to visit.

Google also recently released Topic Layer, which evaluates content on the web for a particular topic and creates subtopics around it. Through this new tool, Discover can display the degree of expertise someone has on a particular topic and then display content around it. For instance, if you’re learning to sing, Discover might display content for beginners. If you have been singing for years, you will see the advanced content of singing.

Customize your search

In addition, you can customize your search with the new update. You can hit the control icon in Discover to indicate if you want to view less or more content on a specific topic. Google, will use the same technology used in its News app called “Full Coverage”, which narrates and forms a complete picture of a story from multiple perspectives.

Google has also made it clear that it has started to use artificial intelligence to get a correct picture of AMP stories, which is an open-source library making it simple for anyone to create a story on the web which will appear in Search. This new feature will initiate with celebrities and sportspersons, offering stats and memorable moments from their lives in a visual form that then allows you to discover all these in the form of articles for more information.

Related Featured Videos

This new search will also incorporate featured videos, as per your need. Google uses computer vision to get an in-depth understanding of the content of a video and then help you find information that is useful for you. For instance, if you search for India, you might see a video for each attraction like the Taj Mahal or the Mumbai. In the same way, as the Topic Layer works, featured videos will understand your particular topic and display videos that are related to your subtopic.